Eyebrows: What Is Microblading?

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Are you tired of waking up to thin, sparse eyebrows and spending precious time each morning to make them look fuller? If you answered “yes,” you aren’t alone. Countless women wish for lush eyebrows that require minimal care to look great. Fortunately, you don’t have to resign yourself to using eyebrow pencils, shaping gels and other products before you walk out the front door. Consider microblading instead, find out more by reading to this articles in this website https://www.microbladingsupplies.org/. 

You might have heard about this popular cosmetic treatment from a friend, co-worker or somewhere online. If you were unable to find out more, or prefer to research potential treatments on your own, you can learn more about the process. Then, you will see why so many women, and even a few men, have opted for this semi-permanent procedure.

One of the popular misconceptions about microblading is that it is a tattoo. While the technique does involve the use of pigments beneath the skin, there are some vital differences you should understand. First of all, the machinery used in tattooing penetrate deep into your skin. On the other hand, the manual microblading tools don’t penetrate as far.

The difference in depth and techniques aren’t the only things you will notice between the two procedures. Microblading isn’t permanent, whereas tattoos stay unless removed by a cosmetic professional.

A special pen with several needles is used to create tiny cuts into the skin in the same shape and size as your eyebrow hairs. Multiple incisions are made to fill in the entire treatment area. However, these needles do not deposit any pigment into your skin. The microblading artists will stop making the incisions several times throughout the process. Then, she will rub the pigment over the eyebrow, manually working it down into the area to ensure full coverage.

The new eyebrow lines can remain as long as three years, though that depends on your regular skin care routine, as well as genetics. For instance, if you have dry skin it will last longer than if your skin was super oily.

An initial microblading appointment is generally scheduled for two hours, with a follow-up visit a month or so later. The second visit should be including with the price of the first. The second one is to make sure you are happy and to fill in any small areas that need it.

Your first appointment will begin with an in-depth consultation. The microblading artist will find out what you want to get out of the experience. In addition to determining how thick you want your brows to look, the shape will be an important aspect to go over. Stick with styles that complement your face and eyes rather than shapes that look unnatural or extreme.

An aftercare plan should include keeping water, sweat and similar liquids away from your brows. Take care when washing your face, and use a healing ointment for as long as your instructions say. Avoid intense exfoliating treatments that can hasten fading.

Microblading is great for women who want to have beautiful brows that don’t take a lot of time in the morning. If you’re tired of penciling in yours everyone, give this innovative new procedure a try!