Cuba’s – Prepare for the Weather

When you are planning a vacation, it is important for you to set it during the right time when the weather is favorable. You have been putting everything in place for long. After completing your work and the numerous responsibilities, you have set this particular time to relax and enjoy yourself with family in the Caribbean region, specifically Cuba.


When you are preparing to go out on holiday, the one thing that comes into mind is the bright and sunny beaches that are present. The good news is that you will get all that in this region. The beaches are warm and have several entertaining activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family or individuals. Make sure to look your best and get any wax hair removal services done before arriving in Cuba. Check out to find out more about waxing services offered before taking a vacation to any beach destination. Hit the hot beaches of Cuba and enjoy the various restaurants and bars near the beach. Cubans are very open so seeing lots of beautiful bodies at the beaches is common.

There are days when the entire Caribbean has an extremely dangerous climate, and it is not recommended that you go there on specific times of the year. Even with the low costs of traveling and accommodation packages available, this is risky since the weather is so unpredictable. This could lead to long periods of rain and in the end the whole trip could be ruined by the weather.

With over seven thousand islands, the Caribbean’s weather patterns are going to be different every single year so be prepared. For instance, if you plan to visit Cuba, in the months of June to November is normally hurricane periods. Therefore, you will not have a lot of fun then. The tropical warmth is gone, and all there is are storms and heavy rain.

October all the way to April is winter; this is usually the peak season in Cuba. Apart for experiencing the last of the hurricanes, the climate is peaceful and calm. The temperatures are usually between twenty-one to twenty-seven degrees. During the months of December to February, are among the coolest months on the island. In the summer, temperatures rise to almost thirty-eight degrees. This is usually from June to October. At this time, you should expect some light showers.


Cuba lies under the Atlantic ocean’s hurricanes path which are experienced during the months of September and October. History tells us that a lot of damages has been caused by the weather due to the high number of storms that pass Cuban every year. Therefore, you should not plan your holiday during these periods. In fact, other nations such as Jamaica, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic should be avoided since the two countries lie in the same region.

However, if you travel for your vacation in Cuba during the right season, you are surely going to enjoy pleasant and memorable times. The islands are full of fun and entertainment. As a tourist, there are numerous activities you can engage in. Some of them are sailing, scuba diving, jet skiing, power boats and surfing are among the common sports you can explore. You may also opt to rest on the sea shore and feel the water waves. Or simply enjoy a refreshing beverages as you watch the waves crash on the beach. Cuba is a nice place to visit, but it is important to plan ahead.